The House I Want VS The House I’m Likely to Get

This is Lagos! This phrase has for a very long time put a myth in the minds of many people trying to acquire or attain items in Lagos. A myth that doesn’t necessarily suggest a negative result but one that could be translated to mean a difficult process or the inability to get exactly what you want from Lagos irrespective of a careful process. As the street would say; ‘what I ordered vs what I got’.

Lagos has remained one of Africa’s most commercially viable cities and its real estate sector has greatly evolved in the last decades, continually attracting investors from all over the world. As Lagos’ real estate sector continues to grow, people long for a slice of this big cake, but are we getting the exact slice we want? Are we satisfied with what we get? Or are we going back home with just what is available? 

The popular answer is NO! And this is strongly evident when you look at the ease with finding properties in Lagos that are right, comfortable, and affordable. As a real estate marketplace, we strongly believe that people deserve a simpler, safer and faster search process rather than just settling for what seems to be available. Through our verified agents and developers, our user-based platform allows home searchers make the final choice based on what they want and not what is available. Irrespective of your budget, there is a perfect home for you on buyletlive.com

It’s no news that many property seekers have either made losses or been disappointed with the disparity between the house they got vs what they wanted. The opacity of the real estate sector is quite contributory; and whilst the market might be rigorous to scale through, getting your desired property whether to rent, buy or sell is still very possible in the Nigerian real estate market generally.

There are just a few steps to take to get your dream home. First, you need to visit research to get data and analytics about the market. Next, visit rent or buy to see a world of possibilities that you can get the home you desire in Lagos, Nigeria. Be it a luxury home at Banana IslandIkoyiVictoria Island or a budget home at GbagadaIyana Ipaja and Festac, you can get your dream home with the right agents, or developer on our platform.

If your property preference is bespoke, please click the request property tab on our home page. What you ordered can be what you get… just ask us at buyletlive.com

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