Every great real estate story starts from the same place, with the purchase of a piece of land. Before you purchase that piece of land, you’ll need a very important document called a land survey. Consider this blog post a crash course on learning everything you need to know about the all-important land survey, just […]

Why did BuyLetLive Create NaijaHomes As a rapidly growing country, Nigeria’s real estate sector is teeming with low-cost landed properties, fast-selling housing projects promising high and quick returns, and numerous high-net-worth investors looking to create a business venture that will be wildly successful. However, amidst this real estate boom, a stark reality looms; in 2023 […]

A Quick Backstory Nigeria’s global real estate market is booming. As one project is sold out, another springs up. Despite this growth, stakeholders in Nigeria continue to experience difficulty with transacting real estate. Property seekers find it hard to get the ideal property for rent or purchase. I’m sure we all have our less-than-palatable experiences […]

In the vibrant world of African real estate, the spotlight shines brightly on five extraordinary women who are rewriting the industry’s narrative. As March unfolds, the globe pauses to honour women everywhere, celebrating their diversity, resilience, and achievements. International Women’s Day isn’t just a date on the calendar; it’s a rallying cry against bias and […]

Lagos has a great habit of truly coming alive every holiday, but there’s something extraordinary about Easter. Besides Christmas and Sallah,  Easter is when friends and families come together to reconnect and be grateful for the bonds they share. Whether your celebrations are centred around rabbits hiding eggs full of chocolate or they are a […]

Many home seekers face two challenges when buying a home in Lagos. One has enough money saved away to match the cost of their dream home. The second, and arguably more challenging, is meeting all the requirements to qualify for a mortgage. A mortgage provides the ease and flexibility anyone searching for a home would […]

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