Finding Your Happy Place, Episode 7: Magodo

Hello everyone! We are happy to bring you the first post of our writing series in 2023. Our blog posts and the episodes on ‘finding a happy place’ have remained the preferred reference points for people looking for the best in real estate within Lagos, and in this episode, we will be taking the bar even higher as we explore the Magodo area of Lagos. Finding a happy place should not be a herculean task for you. At BuyLetLive, we understand the dynamics of Lagos housing and the real estate sector in general, which is why we periodically put out a dedicated piece to help you make the best choices as you consider finding a property, whether it’s a home, office, warehouse, land, and so on.

Situated close to the border between Lagos and Ogun State on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway, Magodo is one of Lagos’s most treasured possessions, buzzing with a rich history, a beautiful environment and the necessary facilities for a 21st-century neighbourhood. Despite being initially known as a sacred land for traditionalists with many taboos, Magodo has turned out to be one of the best residential areas in Lagos. This history gave rise to the name; Magodo which means “ma gun odo” in English it stands for “do not pound a mortar”. Magodo is bounded by Ikosi-Ketu and Ojodu Berger and belongs to the Kosofe Local Government Area of the state. The community is divided into two, namely, Magodo GRA Phase 1 Isheri and Magodo GRA Phase 2 Shangisha. 

Now the next question on your mind would be; “Why Magodo? would Magodo make a great choice as your next happy place? Well, the answer is simple, YES!

Mogodo is known to be very peaceful and mostly residential. The community is largely free from the loud noise and ‘craziness’ of Lagos, and it is a very nice place for people who love quiet and serenity. Basic amenities like schools, hospitals, and shopping malls have been made available, however, you must note that these amenities likely cost more than the ones you will find in other parts of Lagos, Magodo is quite an expensive neighbourhood to live in, but the benefits are worth it. The well-thought-out organized structure of Magodo can be tied to the fact that it was originally designed to house government employees as a Government Residential Area, GRA.

Another feature that makes Magodo a choice area in Lagos is the fact that the area enjoys all round tight security in the day and night time, the area also enjoys a reliable power supply and has a well-developed road network that allows residents to enjoy safe biking and evening walks, which are beneficial to human health as well. The drainage system is also very good, and the water supply is clean and consistent.

Accessibility from Magodo to major areas in the state is also a big catch for home searchers in Lagos. The area is close to the popular Mile 12 market, Ikeja city mall, local and international airports in Ikeja and some luxury hotels and stores.

Despite being a government residential area, in recent years, the viability of Magodo has been able to attract some of the biggest players in the real estate sector, and the choice of Magodo for these estates has yielded profitable results for developers and investors, as finding any free landed property in Magodo now won’t come easy. Some examples of such estates may include; Unilag Estate, Diamond Estate, Magodo Brooks Estate, Gateway Zone Estate, Foreshore Zone Estate etc. Some other urban infrastructures that make the Magodo community desirable include; spas, gyms, nightclubs, banks, hotels, short-lets and sports centres.

Acquiring a property in Magodo may not cost as much as one in Lekki or Ikoyi which makes the area to be perceived as quite affordable, nevertheless, you would still have to spend within the range of 40-50 million naira to buy a two-bedroom apartment, while the cost of renting is not too different from what obtains in other highbrow areas.

So, for anyone who is looking for a new happy place on the mainland strictly for residential purposes, your first choice should be Magodo. From this piece, it is evident that the area is one of the few places in Lagos State that does not suffer from flooding and this alone is a very big factor for Lagosians when choosing a home. We do hope that you will find Magodo attractive enough to be your next happy place whenever you need a home.

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