Owning a home is easier than you think. Here’s why

Owning a home is easier than you think. Here’s why

15th July, 2022

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Many of us have at one point or the other dreamt of owning a home. Experts agree that there is no age or status barrier toward home ownership. Anything is possible with the right information and tools at your fingertips.

While we acknowledge that renting has some great benefits, long-term options in a place like Nigeria reflect that owning a home offers more unique advantages.

Your Home is a store of value. Because Real estate typically appreciates, all things being equal, your home assumes higher value with time. You’ll also have living security and can earn passive income. Real Estate is generally a low-risk asset class that accounts for steady and sustainable profits over time. You can use it to hedge against inflation. It gives you more control over costs and as a big addition, your mortgage repayments can be a way of saving money by relying on extended payment duration.

Financial capacity is usually the first thing people contemplate in home ownership. One might wonder where to access lump sums to buy a home, considering the high value placed on real estate in Nigeria and abroad. Some options to address this worry can be found in mortgage systems, installment payment plans, housing loans, etc. Microfinance banks and larger financial institutions offer credit loans for home ownership.

While you sort the finance aspect, the other part of home ownership is to have a plan that suits your unique context. Your plan should typically include the choice of location, the size of the house, maximum budget, payment plan, and renovation requirements, and so on. When these are aligned to suit your objectives, you can then scout the market to see what’s available and how your plan measures against market realities.

Property search as a key item in this process can be overwhelming sometimes. The options available may not meet your requirements or offer you decent comparisons. The photos to peruse could be unclear and not cover the areas you want to see. Getting feedback on additional inquiries may take longer than anticipated and going for physical inspections might prove challenging. This is why you need BuyLetLive. We are all about creating an easier, happier, and faster property search experience.

On the BuyLetLive platform, you have an array of great properties to choose from and seamless steps to complete the process. Our dedicated customer care team will handhold you as you go along and soon, our mobile app will launch. That means better, faster, and easier property search at your fingertips!

Remember that after you find a suitable home, another level of due diligence is required to ensure that you are dealing with a property of correct value. All you need to do is work with verified agents and developers, get started on https://buyletlive.com/

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