5 reasons why rent financing may be a better choice for you

5 reasons why rent financing may be a better choice for you

In the past five (5) years, there has been a growing agitation against the erstwhile annual rental structure across Africa. While some countries have seen some improvements, several African cities still operate the annual rental payment system. In Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, and Sierra Leone, for instance, the annual rental payment is still practised, and sometimes up to two years in advance. However, this rigid payment structure has led to increased interest in rent financing as an alternative. Generally, the argument about which payment structure is better depends mainly on individual circumstances and preferences. A freelance tourist will most likely be interested in a monthly system that gives him the flexibility to move around. An established family may prefer annual rent, eliminating the monthly responsibility. Whatever the circumstance, it is good to have options, and exploring the benefits of rent financing can provide additional flexibility and financial convenience.

The rental payment system in Africa can be viewed from two perspectives – a problem and an opportunity. For a typical renter, the annual commitment that is required can be very challenging financially, especially for starters. This has pushed renters to explore rent financing, creating a huge market for companies that offer the service. There is an increasing level of adoption of monthly rental payments across Nigeria primarily powered by rent financing companies. Many salary earners with stable incomes are taking rental loans, to manage the financial commitment of saving up annual rents. But how do you know if rent financing is a better choice? While rent financing has its benefits, there are also potential drawbacks to consider when choosing to rent through credit: 


Rent financing is convenient. It simplifies the payment process and allows you to manage your monthly rent along with your other monthly bills. It provides greater financial flexibility, as it allows you to manage your budget more effectively. Monthly payments can be easier to fit into your regular cash flow, making it convenient for individuals who receive monthly salaries or income. 

Cash Flow Management:

If you’re temporarily short on cash but have a good credit history, exploring rent financing can help you avoid eviction and manage your cash flow. Lower Initial Cost: Monthly rental payments typically require a smaller initial outlay compared to paying a full year’s rent upfront. This can be advantageous if you don’t have a large sum of money readily available and prefer to spread your expenses over time. 

Rewards and Benefits:

Using rent financing helps you build credit history making it easier to qualify for loans, mortgages, and other financial products in the future. Life is unpredictable, and circumstances can change unexpectedly. Opting for monthly rent allows you to have greater flexibility in case you need to relocate, downsize, or adjust your living situation for any reason without the burden of a year-long lease. 

Investment Opportunities:

By not tying up a large amount of money in a yearly rental payment, you may have more capital available to invest in other ventures or to save for future goals. This is particularly important for young people who are just starting out in their careers and have not built up sufficient savings or investment. 

As we mentioned, there are potential drawbacks to consider carefully before you dive into rent financing. Here are some of them: 

Interest Charges:

The interest charged on rent financing can range between 20 and 35% depending on the provider. When added to the monthly capital, the monthly repayment can go much higher, making it unattractive to most people. 

Peace of Mind:

Some individuals prefer to have their housing costs taken care of for an extended period, providing peace of mind and eliminating the monthly responsibility. This peace of mind may be traded if you explore rent financing where you are expected to make compulsory monthly repayments. 

If you’re considering renting through credit, weigh the advantages and disadvantages based on your individual financial situation. It’s generally a good idea to use credit cards for rent payments only if you can pay off the full balance each month to avoid penal charges and potential debt. Additionally, check with your landlord or property management company to understand their payment policies and any associated fees. If you’re primarily interested in building credit, there may be more effective ways to achieve this goal without incurring extra costs. If you are looking for properties to rent monthly, check out buyletlive.com to see available options and finance providers.  

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