Your Dream Home on Your Device

Once upon a time, it was hard to know the value of a home until physical supervision was done. Today artificial intelligence can do just the same thing.

Tech has fundamentally changed how the real estate sector operates. It has sped up transactions, discovering real estate listings, and setting up virtual tours. People can now sign up for notifications for the type of homes they are looking for and be the first to know when new homes are hitting the market or when prices are changed, all on their devices.

Research according to Builtin says that “when tech and real estate collided, a new industry was born: Proptech. It attracted $12billion in venture capital in 2017 and even more in 2018, though, at the start of 2019, adoption still lagged.”

The stats above show you how robust the real estate industry benefited from just one agency in the US as a result of technological innovations.

Today in Nigeria, Buyletlive.com a next-generation real estate company is taking a more expansive approach to technology and real estate, arguably the very first in Nigeria to toll this lane. BuyLetLive is dismantling existing systems and reimagining entirely new ones that address our growing demand for affordability, luxury, and flexibility in real estate. The digitalization of real estate has come at no better time than now when technological innovations are on the rise and every sector is plugging into it. With your device in your hand today, from anywhere in the world, you can access a property on www.buyletlive.com, whether you want to buy rent or sell a property. This can be done through a virtual tour (pictures and videos), where you can access all access of a property posted on the website and swiftly move on to negotiate and make payment.

Homeownership in Nigeria for a long time has remained a dream to some people because of the trouble they are likely to go through, today with your device in your hands that trouble has been eliminated and the dream made attainable.

With your device in your hand, you get to save more money (affordability), enjoy good company, and lots more in the real estate sector today. The increasing need for affordability in real estate is driving some creative tech-enabled solutions, through apps, websites, speed dials, and lots more. You now only get to worry about your internet, as opposed to physical meetings and loads of calls. You get to save more money from transportation, going from one house to the other for inspections, and with your device, you have an array of properties listed for you at different prices. You also get to enjoy good and responsive company in terms of live chats and automated replies on websites and apps. Inquiries can quickly be made and you will get instant replies, something that was not in existence before. The customer experience and feedback are now a whole lot better, from anywhere and anytime in the world you can purchase your dream home on your device when you log on to www.buyletlive.com.

The future of the real estate and tech is here already and it is as boundless as it is exciting. A new generation-inspired realtor in BuyLetLive is designing innovative solutions from the ground up to solve our growing demands for flexibility, affordability, and a twenty-first-century community. BuyLetLive is fundamentally reimagining how we work, live, and play by transforming the modern leisure place, workplace, and our homes.

So, are you planning on buying a home soon? With your device in your hand, your dream home is just a search away on www.buyletlive.com

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