Will The Housing Market Still Accommodate Me?

In an era where a pandemic seems to be ravaging every sector of the economy, the housing market is also experiencing significant shifts. Despite the challenges, there are still opportunities for those who are fortunate enough to seize them. The current housing market has become increasingly competitive, with limited inventory and high demand driving up prices in many areas.

Most people are now asking questions such as; will the housing market still accommodate me? Can I still find my dream home? Can I still afford the few opportunities left in the market?

Some people are no longer certain of finding their dream homes.

Could these questions be valid or are they coming from a place of mere anxiety because of the frenzy in the real estate world today?

The simple answer to the big question of if the housing market will still accommodate you is YES, you might want to ask ‘how’ at this point.

Chances are, you or someone you know has either sold or bought a home in the last nine months. No matter if you are moving across the street, town, or the country. It is all part of a record-setting real estate uprising.

The covid-19 pandemic affected every industry but none were as surprising as real estate. Even as the recession continues and unemployment remains high, a record number of people have bought homes during the pandemic.

An article published by Forbes revealed a shocking increase in the percentage of people buying and selling homes;

Homes aren’t just selling, they’re selling at a record-setting pace. The Covid-fueled real estate boost caused an average of 42% of home listings nationwide to sell in two weeks or less. One survey found that more than half of homebuyers say the pandemic accelerated their home buying process. In the competitive San Diego market, 55% of homes are off the market in less than weeks, with an average of just 20 days on the market.

This report shows that houses are flying off the market.

In 2021, Zillow expects 6.9 million existing home sales, which is the most since 2005. The projected 21.9% one-year gain in sales is the largest since the early 1980s.- Forbes

These are good reports for anyone looking to buy a home.

In Lagos, and Nigeria at large, real estate opportunities keep springing up every day. Just maybe your fear is mere anxiety, but not to worry, it is okay to have your doubts.

At BLL, we have taken the time to draw up a workable plan on how we can provide every customer with their dream home.

The housing market has space for you and we make sure you do not just get any place but you find the place, a place fully designed with excellence at the best prices.

If anyone tells you that you cannot become a house owner because the market is occupied already, we advise you to discontinue such a conversation and start talking to a real estate agent today.

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