Why We Have a Penchant for Excellent Customer Service

“Treat your customer like you want to be treated. Period!” Brad Schweig

This is exactly how we see our customers at BuyLetLive. Our customers are a very important part of what we do at BuyLetLive, from the first contact between us and a customer, we look to establish not just a one-off relationship but a union that would last forever.

Have you ever asked yourself why you go back to businesses and companies over and over again? Some people go back to Wal-Mart because its cheap for them, some people go back to Mercedes for luxury, some people would only use IOS devices because its user is friendly, but guess what, most people will come back over and over again to whatever business you run simply because of excellent customer service.

Customer service is like a cheat code for more business success. It takes experience and dedication to deliver an excellent customer service methodology, one that does not only bring you new customers but also keeps them and helps you earn referrals. This is why we put a lot of effort and resources into giving you our customers, an excellent experience. So, whether you are visiting our platform for the first time or talking to our customer agent or you are chatting with us online, we can assure you an experience tailored to meet your specific need in real estate. We understand that you would only buy a home on the BuyLetLive platform if you are treated right, so why would we jeopardize such a great dream of yours and an opportunity for us for anything?

A popular Nigerian adage goes thus; “customer is always right”. This might sound cliché, but in all ramifications, this statement is very true. Take for example, when you go to a market, there is always a feeling you have when you are about to pay for something, you want to make sure all boxes are checked and so you ask a lot of questions and demand answers, some sellers might get tired and some even pissed when the questions are becoming too much, but hey, they forgot patience is a very significant part of customer service and that every customer is unique no matter their demands, there is always an answer for every customer to satisfy their curiosity, after all, you have the right to know all about what you are spending your money on.

At BuyLetLive, we understand the need for patience and we treat every customer in a unique manner. We do not just give you our word of mouth without a backbone to back up all we have promised you, we have created our platform with automated and fast response messages to help you easily navigate the platform on your own whether you want to buy, sell or rent a home. We also have active call numbers that you can reach should you wish to speak with a customer representative agent. This gesture also extends to all our social media platforms; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, where we have quick responses to your chats and one-click buttons to help you either send an email or place a call directly from our Instagram and Facebook pages.

Our penchant for excellent customer service is driven by a deep passion to put smiles on the faces of every customer no matter what you are looking for when trying to get a new home on the BLL platform. Every customer is important to us and all our efforts are aimed at establishing a lasting relationship with you. While you get that dream home of yours, littered with luxury and sited at your desired location for the best prices, we also want you to enjoy the ride while doing all these on our platform.

Get on the BuyLetLive platform today to start enjoying our excellent customer service. There is a lot we have put in place waiting just for you to explore.

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