Why Nigerians Everywhere Need Naija Homes?

Why did BuyLetLive Create NaijaHomes

As a rapidly growing country, Nigeria’s real estate sector is teeming with low-cost landed properties, fast-selling housing projects promising high and quick returns, and numerous high-net-worth investors looking to create a business venture that will be wildly successful. However, amidst this real estate boom, a stark reality looms; in 2023 alone, over 500,000 individuals fell victim to real estate fraud trying to purchase property in Lagos and Ogun State, and most of these victims are Nigerians living abroad. 

The world’s wealthiest people will tell you that every investment opportunity comes with potential risks and that real estate is one of today’s most rewarding investment options. Risks take many forms – from “acts of god” to innocent risks caused by poor decision-making, and the not-so-innocent ones caused by people who intentionally want to take advantage of others. In real estate investment, you could easily fall victim to the latter two risks if you do not get the necessary information or guidance on your journey, and this is why we created NaijaHomes. We want to address the challenges in real estate investment and enable fraud-free real estate investment in Nigeria by Nigerians from anywhere in the world, hence, we created NaijaHomes.

An All-Too-Familiar Story?

In the case of Nigerians abroad getting scammed when trying to buy or invest in property in Nigeria, the characters might change from person to person, but the story remains the same. It usually goes like this:

  1. A Nigerian abroad sends money to their uncle, cousin, sister, aunt, father or best friend for years
  2. They return home to check the progress of their decade-long investment 
  3. They expect to see a mansion, but unfortunately, they find that the person they trusted had not even bought the land, not to talk of building a house- the culprit had been sending fake images of the project to the victim all this while.
  4. They vow never to invest in Nigerian real estate from outside the country. 

So, “Operation Save Nigerians In The Diaspora From Fraudulent Players” began, now fondly called NaijaHomes.

What is Naija Homes?

NaijaHomes by BuyLetLive is the best opportunity for Nigerians in the diaspora to buy and invest in Nigerian real estate. We’re rewriting the narrative and making it easier, faster, and, most importantly, safer for people to buy, invest and ultimately make real estate transactions from wherever they are in the world.


What Are We Doing Differently With NaijaHomes?

  1. Extensive inventory:
    By partnering with prolific developers with a track record for premium housing and timely completion, you can choose from a regularly growing inventory of vetted properties. We will help you find your dream home in prime locations, no matter your taste or budget.


  2. Flexible Payments:
    We get it. Owning real estate can get expensive. We help you find properties with flexible payment plans to ease that cost. Let’s take the strain off your shoulders and your wallet and make investing much more convenient with 12 to 24-month payment plans.


  3. Problem-Free Developments: A common worry for diaspora-based investors in Nigerian real estate is “What happens after I buy a property? Will it be demolished because it was built in the wrong location? Would the Government reclaim it in a couple of years?”. Whatever the worry is, we’ve got you covered because we go the extra mile to independently vet every property in our inventory, ensuring you don’t fall victim to any risk of the above.


  4. Regular Updates: The typical ending to the Nigerian real estate scam story is that you return to land with a bare foundation and a few blocks. We keep the anxiety away with scheduled updates. With HD photos and videos, physical inspections, or live video inspections, whichever you choose, you can watch your investment grow and develop until it becomes everything you imagined it to be.


  5. Commercialisation Support: Once your dream development is complete, we don’t just leave you hanging, especially if you think of wealth creation. We help your investment work for you. With our expert guidance and facility management skills, we give you the insights and support you need to commercialise your property.

So, with all these fantastic benefits, we are set to reshape the narrative of investing in real estate in Nigeria from anywhere in the world. With NaijaHomes, investing in Nigeria’s booming real estate market is faster, easier, and, most importantly, safer than ever. To learn more, why not visit www.naijahomes.buyletlive.com and begin investing in our great country from anywhere you are in the world? 


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