Tips for Renting a One-Bedroom Flat in Abuja, Nigeria: Factors to Consider

So, you’re looking for a one-bedroom flat to rent in Abuja, Nigeria? Congratulations! The hunt for a new home is always a thrilling one. However, it’s also fraught with lots of questions and uncertainties – especially in a city like Abuja.

Finding a place that fits your budget and offers you the convenience you desire can be tough. To make the process even easier, we’ve put together some essential tips for renting a one-bedroom flat in Abuja. From detailing the factors to consider when hunting down an affordable apartment to highlighting key strategies when negotiating rent prices and more, our guide packed with important information will be sure to help you find the best possible abode. Let’s jump right into it!

7 tips to consider when you’re about to rent a one-bedroom flat in Abuja, Nigeria

  • Location
  • Rent cost
  • Security
  • Amenities
  • Accessibility
  • Maintenance
  • Lease


The first thing to consider when looking for a one-bedroom flat to rent in Abuja is the location. When selecting a location, consider the amenities that are close by: Are nearby restaurants and grocery stores accessible on foot? Exist any nearby transportation options? What about open areas like parks or recreation facilities? When deciding where you want to live, you should take into account all of these variables. Think about additional infrastructure options as well, such as security measures, internet connections, and water and electricity supplies. After all, residing in a location with quick access to these necessities can significantly improve the comfort of your daily life. Some popular areas for renting a one-bedroom flat in Abuja include MaitamaWuseGarkiJabi, and Asokoro. These areas are well-known for their proximity to shopping centres, restaurants, hospitals, and other essential facilities, making them an ideal location for those who value convenience and easy access to necessary amenities.

Rent Cost:

Living in Abuja is typically quite costly, particularly when it comes to renting. An average one-bedroom flat will typically cost N700,000 Nigerian naira per year, although prices can go higher depending on the area and facilities available. That’s why it’s important to factor in the cost of living when deciding on a place to rent. For starters, consider your budget and decide what type of neighbourhood and amenities you’re able to afford. Look at the median rental prices for flats in those areas and decide if the lifestyle fits your budget. Do the same for utilities like electricity and water—they can add up quickly and surprise you with an unexpected bill.

Finally, take into account other costs like service charges, damage costs, maintenance fees, etc. If any of these don’t line up with your budget or lifestyle, then it might be time to look elsewhere – especially if these charges are non-negotiable! All in all, choosing a place you can both afford and enjoy living in is key when finding your perfect one-bedroom flat in Abuja!


When looking for a one-bedroom flat in Abuja, you should consider the security and safety of the area. It’s important to make sure that you feel safe and secure when you enter and exit your home. It’s a good idea to look for an area that is well-lit and has an adequate police presence. You may want to ask the property manager about what measures have been taken in the area to ensure safety.

Security is another crucial consideration when looking for a one-bedroom flat to rent in Abuja. Abuja is generally considered a safe city, but it’s still essential to find a flat in a secure location. Some things to consider when evaluating the security of an area include the presence of security personnel, gated communities, and security cameras.


When searching for a one-bedroom flat for rent in Abuja, it’s important to consider the available amenities. Does the flat have basic facilities, such as a functional kitchen, bathroom, and living area? Is there reliable access to water and electricity? Is there internet access available? These are essential amenities that can significantly affect your quality of life.


Another important consideration when looking for a one-bedroom flat to rent in Abuja is accessibility. Can you easily access public transportation from the location? Is there adequate parking available for you or your guests? How far is the flat from your workplace or other essential locations? These are questions to ask yourself when evaluating the accessibility of a particular one-bedroom flat.


Maintenance is an often-overlooked aspect of renting a one-bedroom flat in Abuja. Before signing a lease, you should ask about the maintenance policy of the building or complex. Who is responsible for maintenance, and how quickly do they respond to requests? It’s essential to ensure that the property management is responsive and efficient in addressing any maintenance issues that may arise.

Lease Terms:

When renting a one-bedroom flat in Abuja, it’s important to pay attention to the lease terms. Read the lease agreement carefully and ensure that you understand the terms and conditions of the lease, including the duration, rent amount, security deposit, and any penalties for breaking the lease agreement.

In conclusion, finding a one-bedroom flat for rent in Abuja requires careful consideration of several factors, including location, rent cost, security, amenities, accessibility, maintenance, and lease terms. By evaluating each of these factors and making an informed decision, you can find the perfect one-bedroom flat that meets your needs and fits your lifestyle.

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