Five of The Best Places for Creatives to Stay in Lagos

Are you creative? Then you have to read this. The job of a creative is quite interesting yet mentally tasking. 

Creatives usually find their ideation and productivity process tied to things like the environment and nature, this is why as a creative, it is important to carefully consider your place of residence and how it will positively aid your work before deciding to pick a house. Explore the best places for creatives to stay in Lagos and discover how the right environment can enhance your creative journey.


Let’s look at the five best places for creatives to live in Lagos. 


1. Yaba 

Yaba is popularly known as the Silicon Valley of Nigeria or the tech hub of Lagos. A major reason why this location is perfect for creatives is the easy access to other creatives that it presents. Yaba is at a strategic location where major higher institutions are located in Lagos, these institutions are populated with young and vibrant minds in the creative sector who have communities where ideas, jobs and other opportunities are shared. 


Yaba is also houses many workstations which are secluded in quiet locations for creatives and the general public to visit and do their work. So, if you are looking to get a home in an environment that will aid your work as a creative, then you should consider Yaba.


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2. Ikeja GRA 

Not every state capital attracts the type of potential that Ikeja attracts, in terms of technology, art, finance, hospitality and many other sectors, Ikeja GRA ranks amongst the very best. It boasts some of the very best opportunities in Lagos for young creatives. The area is well-planned and doesn’t have the usual noisy neighbourhoods like other places in Lagos. 


3. Surulere

Surulere has always been the go-to place for a good mix of everything that makes a 21st-century residential hub. Historically, during the colonial era, some colonialists settled in some parts of Surulere and this remains an attractive ingredient to young and vibrant creatives in Lagos. Surulere houses some serene estates and a calm environment encouraging co-working hubs, offices and art studios where creatives can flourish. The area is also well populated by young creatives who have fully embraced the idea of hybrid/remote working because of the benefits they enjoy doing remote work and staying in Surulere. 


4. Oniru VI 

Oniru VI presents a unique experience to creatives with facilities that could inspire the ideation process and job of a creative, these facilities include; coffee shops, cinemas, art studios, painting galleries, nature parks and so on. Ironically, these facilities could also become a distraction for some creatives who do not remain focused. Though relatively more expensive to live in, Oniru VI presents a fine opportunity to connect with some of the best minds in the creative industry, you get to meet creatives not only from Lagos Nigeria but also from foreign countries as VI has proven over the years to be a preferred location for foreigners visiting Lagos. 


5. Lekki Phase 1  

How could we mention the five best places for creatives to live in Lagos without mentioning Lekki Phase 1? The entertainment/corporate business hub of Lagos island. Lekki Phase 1 presents a different experience to creatives in Lagos, the environment is well organized and surrounded by benefits creative communities like book and art clubs, co-creation hubs/workstations etc. As a creative here, you will meet like minds and other creatives with better opportunities for collaborations. Lekki Phase 1 has also proven to be a viable environment for creatives with a business mind. 

The choice of where to live in Lagos as a creative should come with some extra consideration, this is why we have taken that burden of scouting and researching away from you with this article to help you make the best decision when picking your next home as a creative. 

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