Finding your happy place, Episode1: Lekki Phase I

Lekki Phase 1 is popularly known to be one of the most attractive and high-priced areas to own either a house or office space in Lagos Nigeria for obvious reasons.

This luxurious area is notable for housing many trendy residence that go at competitive prices, and some privately owned businesses just as multinationals.

Generally, whenever Lekki Phase 1 is mentioned in a conversation luxury first comes to mind, the place is indeed a wonder with so many side attractions and top-class amenities for example gyms, restaurants, playgrounds, luxury estates, malls, cinemas, nightclubs, spas, hotels seaside lounges, arcades, banks, luxury car marts, embassy, art galleries and tech centres.

If you are in search of a new happy place with luxury, then you should think Lekki Phase 1. The luxury lifestyle of lekki explains why so many Nigerian celebrities settle for a home here. An area moistened in flashy and attractive architectural buildings, fast cars, well laid out vegetation and everything luxury you can think of.

This relatively small city has proven to be the entertainment hub of the island in Lagos with a nightlife that always bubbles.

The environment is easily accessible to every basic amenities you can think of, be it health, school, religious houses relaxation centres, you name it. Their roads are also well built and connected making your driving easy.

The security of Lekki Phase 1 is very commendable. Most estates in the area have their private security in addition to the Nigerian police force at strategic positions, a proper check is done for entry vehicles.

Houses are well demarcated and gated in this area as privacy is held in high esteem.

Lekki Phase 1 happens to be just in the right spot for easy accessibility to Ajah, Victoria Island, Ikoyi, Lagos Island and the mainland. The area uses the tollgate system when coming in which also serves as a means of funding for the development of the area.

It is not too far from the upcoming Dangote refinery located in Epe, which when completed will even boost more the status of the area.

As for power, Lekki Phase 1 experiences a reasonable amount of power supply. Most estates in the area make use of their own transformers to avoid overloading. The reasonable supply of power to the area is a reason why some companies comfortably site either their branches or head offices in the area.

A few grey areas of Lekki Phase 1 would be the challenge of flooding during heavy rainfall and distance to the airport. Sometimes, the area also experiences heavy traffic just like most areas in Lagos.

So are you still thinking of where to purchase your next happy place? Look no further as Lekki Phase 1 will suite all your home and office desires.

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