BBN Latest Winner, Exploring Ilebaye’s Real Estate Options With 120M

Speaking during the All Stars season winner’s prize presentation, 22-year-old millionaire Ilebaye promised to make good use of her money, including exploring Ilebaye’s real estate options. Of course, this is what she did expect of herself, which is indeed the right way to go. While ideas are already flying around in Ilebaye’s head, there will always be some space for the option of real estate.

So, what are the options available to Ilebaye in real estate, with a prize money of 120 million naira in a country where the global economic value of that money is impacted by the Naira devaluation daily? 

There are two major ways the new BBN star could spend her prize money in real estate, one is through investment while the other is for comfort and luxury. There are other ways but for the purpose of this article, we did focus on the two ways mentioned above. 

The investment option is deemed a wise choice to make especially as a young millionaire. Even with as low as 10% of 120 million naira which is 10.2 million, our new BBN star can buy land in a choice area in Lagos, Abuja or Port Harcourt with a promise of future capital appreciation.

If she is willing to commit more, a house is another investment option. Can be an outright purchase or a down payment while the balance can be paid over a period of time, but the earlier the better such decision is made. She can generate income from leasing the property or future sale. 

With the growth of co-investment opportunities in the real estate sector, our newest BBN millionaire, Ilebaye can jointly purchase real estate through a reliable and secure investment platform. This is even perceived as a safe option with the shared risk. 

The second option is getting real estate for comfort and luxury purposes. They say that everyone deserves to be pampered and taken care of, for Ilebaye, this is no different. Ilebaye can purchase a luxury flat, house or apartment to live in. On buyletlive.com, we have options of luxury 2-bedroom houses for sale, 3-bedroom houses for sale and 4-bedroom houses for sale from reputable real estate developers.  

And if she prefers to experience real estate in multiple locations, be it a vacation within or outside Nigeria she can visit many architectural edifices that exude beauty and splendour for the fun and love of it, certainly, spending some part of the 120 million in real estate will end up in good use. 

A good place to start this search for a luxury lifestyle at beautiful short-lets or leads to perfect vacation spots is on the Buyletlive website. 

Hearty congratulations Ilebaye! 


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